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The Black Henna Kit - Everything needed to make you a professional temporary tattoo artist. Get started doing your own custom temporary tattoos. Our kit contains the blackest, longest lasting henna on the market. Here's what's in our super black henna kit. You'll get:

A THREE GRAM BAG OF PROFESSIONAL BLACK HENNA -- This gives you enough black henna to do between twenty and thirty tattoos. Simply add bottled water to the black henna and get started doing professional henna tattoos that last up to three weeks.
These are real pages of tattoo flash, just like you would see in tattoo parlors. These pages have been used by professional henna artists. They are packed full of designs. We've covered every area on the page with tattoo designs. These pages include flash for both men and women. All the designs have been created by henna artists specifically for henna tattoos. We've been doing black henna tattoos professionally for a long time. We know which designs are the most popular with customers and we have included them in our kit. On these pages you'll find - butterflies, tribals, Chinese symbols, armbands, barbed wire, traditional feminine mehendi bracelets and anklets, animals, lizards, suns, low back designs, and more.
This is the exact bottle and tip that the majority of henna artists around the world use. Many kits will give you a cone or bag to work with. This makes for a major mess. We give you what the professionals use. Our bottle and tip are reusable. Our professional metal tip allows the black henna to flow super smoothly from the bottle. This enables you to easily do fine lines and also fill in large areas of space.
This system makes doing henna tattoos as easy as coloring in a coloring book. Every kit comes with our tracer. You can use it to copy dozens of designs. Take any picture and turn it into a temporary tattoo. With our tracer, anything and everything can become a henna tattoo. This allows you to create true custom tattoos. Our tracing system is so simple and easy it will blow your mind. All you need is our tracer, a sheet of paper (any kind of paper will do) and a design. You can use our designs or you can use designs from magazines, comic books, coloring books, or anywhere you find a picture you like. Just put the piece of paper on top of the design, trace over it with our tracer then apply the traced design to the skin with rubbing alcohol (provided with the kit). The image of the design is now on the skin and all you have to do is fill it in with black henna. No stencils are needed. You make your own custom stencils with our amazing tracer. This system gives you the ability to do beautiful tattoos just like other professional artists do.
These are your basic tools for preparing the black henna. They help keep everything clean and easy. Use the cup and stick to to mix your henna and easily put it into your bottle. Use the cleaning tool to clean out the henna bottle after each use.
Our detailed instructions make everything extremely easy to do. We'll teach you all you need to know to do professional black henna tattoos. Instructions include: preparing the henna, using our stencil system, applying the henna to the skin, plus lots of tips and techniques to get the best results. We've made it all super easy to do.

Our BLACK HENNA KIT comes with everything you need to get started doing your own professional temporary black henna tattoos. All for only $19.95

Super Size Your Kit - SPECIAL VALUE!!!! For a limited time with the purchase of any kit, you can super size your order for only $8.00 more. This gives you another bag of professional grade black henna. Normal retail price for reorders is $11.95 for each bag. That's a savings of $3.95. Plus you'll get DOUBLE THE BLACK HENNA powder. Instead of doing only 20-30 tattoos, why not super size your black henna kit and double or triple the tattoos you can do? Don't pay full price later. The shelf life of the henna powder is over twelve months. Why wait and pay more?

Super Size your Kit for only $8.00(limit 3 extra bags per order)

Tattoo Designs Package - With the purchase of any kit, get our Tattoo Designs Package for only $17.95. You get 70 jam packed pages of tattoo designs. Our tattoo design package is sent to you along with your kit in the mail. Just trace over the designs with our tracer and do tons of black henna tattoos. These designs were created by professional henna artists, specifically to be used with black henna. These pages contain hundreds of designs. This is equivalent to having a henna tattoo design book like any professional henna artist would use. We previously sent these designs out in newsletter format over a twelve month period, now you can get them all mailed to you directly for only $17.95. Many henna artists use a design book about this size. You'll get:

armbands, anklets, mehendi designs, suns, roses, dolphins, birds, fantasy, sun signs, butterflies, tribals, tribal armbands, tribal back designs, barbed wire, insects, skulls, Chinese symbols, hearts, flowers, banners, crosses, fairies, moons, yin/yang, dragons, Celtic designs, animals, back designs, etc.

Books of designs like this are usually sold to tattoo artists and henna artists and run anywhere from $40.00 to $80.00. One single page of new designs like this sold to a tattoo parlors costs from $2.00 to $10.00. With our kit we are offering 70 pages of tattoo designs for only $17.95. This is nearly a "give away". It's dirt cheap.

PLUS AS A FREE BONUS for ordering our Tattoo Designs Package, we will also mail you our informative booklet, "How To Find Tons Of Free Tattoo Designs On The Internet". In this booklet, we will teach you everything we know about finding free designs on the Internet and give you over 300 links to sites with free pictures and designs. These are the coolest and most interesting design sites on the Internet. Just visit any one of them and find all kinds of designs. Any of them can easily be printed and used with our stencil system to create awesome custom black henna tattoos. We've spent hours and hours researching this information.

  • Get your name in Chinese, Japanese, and lots of other languages
  • Get cool tribals and symbols with their meanings
  • Easily save any design to your computer
  • Manipulate designs to get them the size you want them
  • Get the same designs tattoo parlors are using (absolutely free)
  • Find almost any design you want free on the Internet

We know most of the secrets out there and we will share them with you in this amazing article. This is a virtual library of tattoo designs. With this incredible resource you can easily find hundreds of thousands of cool designs FREE ON THE INTERNET. This booklet doesn't cost you a thing, it's included as a bonus with the purchase of our design package.

Get our 70 page Tattoo Designs Package along with the booklet, "How To Find Tons Of Free Tattoo Designs On The Internet" for only $17.95

Black Henna Refills - Make your kit last month after month by ordering refills. If you have already purchased our kit, you can reorder our jet black professional powder in three gram bags. This is the same super quality powder you originally received and the same size bag that was included in our professional kit. Refills run $12.95 for a three gram bag of professional grade black henna. (Please Note: If you are purchasing a Black Henna Kit, it's cheaper to Supersize your order rather than paying full price for refills.)

One 3 Gram Bag $11.95
Two 3 Gram Bags $21.95

Contact us for information and pricing on larger quantities. Each three gram bag comes with enough black henna to do twenty to thirty temporary tattoos.

Bottle/Tip Refills - Our reusable bottle and professional fine metal tip are also sold together as a set. Bottles and tips exactly like this are used by henna artists around the world. Our bottle/tip refills are only sold with the purchase of our super black henna kit or our black henna refills.

Should you wish to order another bottle and tip set, the price is $4.95 (black henna not included)


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