Tattoo Designs Package - With the purchase of any kit, get our Tattoo Designs Package for only $17.95. You get 70 jam packed pages of tattoo designs. Our tattoo designs package is sent to you along with your kit in the mail. Just trace over the designs with our tracer, and do tons of black henna tattoos. These designs were created by professional henna artists, specifically to be used with black henna. These pages contain hundreds of designs. This is equivalent to having a henna tattoo design book like any professional henna artist would use. We previously sent these designs out in newsletter format over a twelve month period, now you can get them all mailed to you directly for only $17.95. Many henna artists use a design book about this size. You'll get:

armbands, anklets, mehndi designs, suns, roses, dolphins, birds, fantasy, sun signs, butterflies, tribals, tribal armbands, tribal back designs, barbed wire, insects, skulls, Chinese symbols, hearts, flowers, banners, crosses, fairies, moons, yin/yang, dragons, Celtic designs, animals, back designs, etc.

Books of designs like this are usually sold to tattoo artists and henna artists and run anywhere from $40.00 to $80.00. One single page of new designs like this sold to a tattoo parlors costs from $2.00 to $10.00. With our kit we are offering 70 pages of tattoo designs for only $17.95. This is nearly a give away. It's dirt cheap.

PLUS AS A FREE BONUS for ordering our Tattoo Designs Package, we will also send you our informative booklet, "How To Find Tons Of Free Tattoo Designs On The Internet". In this booklet, we will we will teach you everything we know about finding free designs on the Internet and give you over 200 links to sites with free pictures and designs. These are the coolest and most interesting design sites on the Internet. Just visit any one of these sites and find all kinds of designs. Any of them can easily be printed and used with our stencil system to create awesome custom black henna tattoos. We've spent weeks and weeks researching this information.

We know most of the secrets out there and we will share them with you in this amazing article. This is a virtual library of tattoo designs. With this incredible resource you can easily find hundreds of thousands of cool designs FREE ON THE INTERNET. This booklet doesn't cost you a thing, it's included as a bonus with the purchase of our design package.

Get our 70 page Tattoo Designs Package along with the booklet, "How To Find Tons Of Free Tattoo Designs On The Internet" for only $17.95

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