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What is black henna? Why is it so popular?

Black henna is a product that has been used in Sudan, Egypt, and Morocco for hundreds of years. Traditionally it is used for wedding and celebrations to cover the hands and feet with bold, intricate, flowery and lacy designs. Recently it has been adopted by Western cultures because it gives a very real looking black temporary tattoo. With black henna you can touch the skin, rub the skin, and wash the skin and the tattoo will not come off. This, and the fact that the tattoo lasts up to three weeks, has made black henna extremely popular. There are black henna tattoo artists popping up all over the world. The fad is huge in Europe and is spreading quickly across America. Back to top

What's the difference between this product and natural henna?

Natural henna turns a reddish brown color and usually only stains well on the hands and feet. Black henna turns super black and stains almost every area of the body. Finding a good recipe for natural henna can be very tricky. With our black henna, all you need to do is add purified water (bottled water) or distilled water and you're ready to go. Most of the natural henna kits you buy on-line, at the stores, or in beauty supply houses are difficult to use and give a very faint color. In other words, they don't always get very dark. Most people we have talked to, who bought natural henna kit's, were very disappointed. We've heard comments like, "the natural henna I got in a kit didn't even show up on my skin," and "oh, it was such a pain to use, plus it looked like a birth mark when I put it on." and also, "it kept stopping up the bottle and it was hard to draw with." Our black henna creates a smooth flowing paste that's fast and easy to use. Most importantly, it turns your skin JET BLACK like a real tattoo.Back to top

I've seen kits and henna pastes in the beauty supply houses that claim to be black?

These kits usually only produce tattoos that turn a gray or brown color. They do not contain the ingredients that produce a super black color. Professional black henna artists are not using these kinds of kits. What you see at fairs, festivals and concerts is Professional Grade Black Henna. Black and colored hennas sold in a pre-mixed paste form are a joke. They don't last very long (for most people, only a day or so) and give a light color. You end up wasting your money on something that doesn't work. If you want high grade black henna, don't settle for anything but what the professionals are using. Back to top

What color will this temporary tattoo be?

Super Jet Black. It will come out looking like a very black tattoo. This is the same product that the professional black henna artists are using. Back to top

ill this look like a real tattoo?

Absolutely. You will easily be able to fool your friends and family members. We've seen tattoo artists think it was the real thing. In the real tattoo world there is a form of tattooing called Blackwork Tattoos - these tattoos are done with a black ink (instead of blue or green) and come out very black. Your temporary tattoo will look like a real Blackwork tattoo. Back to top

Does It hurt?

No. No needles are involved. It is painted on the skin. It dyes the outer layer of the skin. As the skin exfoliates naturally, the black henna temporary tattoo slowly disappears. Back to top

Are there colors?

At this point no one has developed colors that last as long as professional grade black henna. The henna artists at malls, concerts, and fairs are not using colors because, they just don't last. Don't be fooled by kits selling henna colors. If you want colors, expect to only get a day or two from them. Back to top

How many black henna tattoos can I get from my kit?

The kit does about 20-30 tattoos of various sizes. Back to top

Where do I find designs?

Your kit comes with several pages of designs (including tribals, suns, armbands, anklets, belly buttons, Chinese symbols, animals, flowers, back designs, etc.). Designs are everywhere. Start looking around you. You'll see designs on everything- from boxes, to packaging, to tee-shirts. Any item with a picture on it, can be traced and made into a temporary tattoo. You can find designs in art books, clip art books, and henna books at your local library. Clip art programs are wonderful. Magazines and newspapers are also great for designs. If you want lettering use the fonts on the word processing program of your computer. They can be scaled to any size. When tracing, make sure to reverse the lettering. In other words trace it from the back of the page and then put it on your skin. Otherwise, the designs will be backwards. Some systems like Windows come with a Paint program. You can use this program to reverse your lettering or make any design bigger or smaller. You can also subscribe to our Tattoo Designs Package (Click Here to find out more). It gives you hundreds of designs (70 pages of tattoo flash) and free information on how to find literally hundreds of thousands of designs on the Internet. Back to top

I'm African American. Will the black henna show up on my skin?

Absolutely! Even if you have very,very dark skin this product will show up and turn your skin a super black color. Most of the time, black henna gives a darker looking tattoo than you could get from a real tattoo. Take a look at our PHOTO GALLERY for pictures. Back to top

How long will it take to apply a black henna tattoo?

Something small should take you a few minutes. For medium sized designs, it can take 5 to 10 minutes. For larger armbands, tribals, animals or back designs, it should take 15 to 30 minutes(sometimes more). For complicated work like mehndi designs that cover the hands and feet, it can take anywhere from half an hour to a couple of hours(depending on the detail and how much space you have to cover). Back to top

How long should I leave the black henna paste on my skin?

The black henna should be left on the skin for at least two hours. Back to top

How does it work?

The black henna is applied as a wet paste. It takes about an hour to dry indoors. Once the paste is dry it forms a crusty layer on top of the skin. This layer is left on the skin for at least another hour, then it is removed.. To remove the dried paste, we suggest washing it thoroughly with water and paper towels. Some people like to peel the crust off, however we do not advise this. If there are small hairs under the tattoo they can get stuck in the paste and rip out when you peel the crust off. Also the pieces you are peeling off can dye your fingers and your nails or anything they might happen to fall upon. Washing is always better. If you must peel it, be sure to wash your skin afterwards to get all the excess black henna off of your skin. Also throw out all of the excess crust. Back to top

an the black henna paste or crust stain my clothes?

Yes. They can stain your clothing and the stain will not come out. So until you have washed the black henna paste/crust off, keep it away from your clothing and any other objects. Once you have thoroughly washed the paste/crust off of your skin, the actual black henna tattoo on your skin will not stain clothing. It is only the crust and the paste that can stain clothes, carpeting, leather, etc. So be very careful until you have washed the excess off. Back to top

How long does the black henna tattoo last?

The black henna tattoo usually lasts from 7-21 days depending on the skin. Everyone's skin exfoliates differently. The majority of people get two or three weeks. Some people will get longer than this (we've heard of some people getting a month to six weeks-however this is the exception). It just depends on how quickly your skin tends to exfoliate. Back to top

Will it really last, even with showeri
ng and bathing?

Absolutely. You can do your normal showering and bathing. The amount of time we just talked about is with showering and bathing. Now if you don't want to shower, you could get months and months from it!. NO, we are just kidding. With normal showering and bathing you should get anywhere from 7-21 days. Back to top

How can
I make my black henna tattoo last longer?

Some of our customers swear by Vaseline or Baby Oil. Any time they get wet (whenever they shower, bathe or wash), they apply a layer of Vaseline or Baby Oil directly on the black henna tattoo. Some have said that this made their tattoo last a month to six weeks. One of our clients stated that she used Vaseline every time she went into the shower. Her tattoo stayed dark black for about three and a half weeks, then she was ready to try a new black henna tattoo, so she stopped the Vaseline and the tattoo almost immediately started to disappear. You can certainly try this. Back to top

Can I remove the black henna tattoo once it's been on my skin for a week or so?

It is best to just let it fade away. However, you may rub it lightly with soap, water and a loofah sponge or bath scrub on a daily basis. This will help it to fade faster. Never try to scrub it off all at one time. Back to top

Can I go in the pool, the sun, or the ocean?

Yes, you can. The sun, the pool, and the ocean will not make the black henna tattoo disappear. However, they will affect the amount of time (the duration) you get from your black henna tattoo. Most people who go in the sun, the pool or the ocean, will get from as little as 3 days to 14 days from their black henna tattoo. What we suggest, is that you always apply your normal waterproof sunscreen directly to the tattoo. If you don't need sun protection and you are going in the pool or the ocean-you can try putting a layer of Vaseline on the tattoo to protect it from the chlorine and the salt water. Back to top

What about shaving; will it make m
y tattoo go away or not last as long?

No, shaving won't affect your tattoo very much. In fact, tattoos on the legs seem to last longer than any other part of the body, even with shaving. You can shave right over your tattoo and still get a very long time. If you want, you can shave around it every other time. It's up to you. Back to top

Can I put a b
lack henna tattoo on my neck?

Yes, but you won't get a very long lasting tattoo. Some people only get a day or two. Most won't even get a week. For some reason, the skin on the neck does not take the black henna well. Also the chest area, on some idividuals, doesn't last as long as other parts of the body (maybe a week or a week and a half). Every other part of the body usually lasts 7-21 days. Back to top

Can I use the black henna to cov
er my whole, entire body?

No Way!!!!! Black henna is meant for occassional tattoos, not to cover large areas of the body. Back to top

Can I use the black henna as eyeliner, or to darken my eyebrows?

Absolutely not. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT NEAR THE EYES, as it can cause blindness. It is not designed to be used as make up. Nor should black henna ever be used on the face. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT ON THE FACE. Back to top

I have hair on my arms and want to put a tattoo there, do I have to shave the hair off?

No, you don't have to shave the hair. You can work right on top of the hair. The black henna will still dye the skin. You may have to go a little slower, but you shouldn't have a problem. Keep Q-tips handy to lift the black henna off the hairs when they get in the way. If shaving would make it easier for you and you don't mind shaving, then go ahead. But you don't have to. We suggest, at first, to try working right on top of the hair. That's what most henna artists do. If you make a mistake because of the excessive hair, you can wash the black henna off, then clean the area with alcohol. Back to top

Where on the body do most people put their black henna tattoos? What's popular?

For Women:

  • Ankles (inner and outer, but mostly outer, also lots of ankle bracelets )
  • Low Back (across the whole low back, in the center or to the right or left side of the low back)
  • Upper Back (either in the center or to one side on the shoulder blade)
  • Upper Arms (usually armbands or words like princess, angel, hottie, etc.)
  • Wrists (bracelets around the wrist and designs on the inner wrist)
  • Belly Buttons (around the belly button or to one side of the belly button)
  • Upper Breast Area (small designs usually placed on one breast just above the bra line)
  • Stomach (placed low on the far right or left side, just above the line of a bathing suit bikini bottom)
  • Mid calf (directly in the center of the outer calf)
  • Hands and Feet (traditional Indian henna mehndi designs applied to the hands and feet)

For Men:

  • Upper Arms (for armbands--in the middle of the bicep, between the deltoid and the bicep, and an inch or two above or below the middle of the bicep) (for tribals or simple designs--high on the arm about an inch or two from the top of the shoulder, in the middle of the arm, and at the bottom of the arm)
  • Lower Arms (armbands placed either at the top portion of the lower arm just below the elbow or around the wrists) (designs placed anywhere on the inside of the lower arm)
  • Mid Calf (directly in the center of the outer calf)
  • Upper Back (directly in the middle or to one side)
  • Ankles (once in a while men choose the ankle area for barbed wire, tribals, and Chinese symbols)
  • Chest (on one side placed on the pectoral muscle or just above the pectoral muscle-either inward towards the center of the chest or outward towards the arms)
  • Belly Buttons (large old English lettering placed just over top of the belly button in an arch) (around the belly button--this has become popular with guys lately since Sisqo showed off his belly button tattoo in a video) Back to top

I sweat a lot. Will that affect how long the tattoo lasts?

Sweating a lot does affect the duration of the tattoo. Sweating causes the skin to exfoliate faster. Some people put a little Antiperspirant (Deodorant) directly on the tattoo when they do activities where they will be sweating. Back to top

What do I do if I make a mistake while I am drawing?

If you use it right away, rubbing alcohol can fix your mistakes. When you are drawing a design always have rubbing alcohol on hand. For small mistakes you can use a Q-tip (cotton-swab) with a little bit of alcohol on it and try to fix it. Or if it's a big mistake, you can easily wipe the design away with a tissue or paper towel soaked in rubbing alcohol, then start again. Back to top

Can I be allergic to this product?

Yes, you can be allergic. If you are allergic to PABA found in some sunscreens or to hair dyes, especially dark ones, you're probably allergic and should not use this product. We recommend that everyone using this product do a patch test prior to use. Even if you have done it before, ALWAYS DO A PATCH TEST. Follow the directions provided in the kit. Should you have an allergic reaction, it is best to seek medical attention. We've been told that doctors sometimes prescribe a topical hydrocortisone cream(or steroidal cream) and Benadryl (or other antihistamine drugs) for the itch. IF IT ITCHES, DO NOT SCRATCH IT, as scratching could possibly make it worse and can lead to other problems.

This product is not recommended for use on children under 12 years old. The reason for this is that, should a child be allergic to this product, they may not be able to resist scratching the affected area. Scratching can lead to opening up of the skin and subsequently the possibility of secondary infection. Back to top

I'm pregnant. Can I use this product?