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Our Professional Black Henna Kit


black henna powder
design pages
tracing system
reusable bottle
fine metal tip
detailed instructions
cleaning tool
mixing cup and tool

Get everything you need to start creating realistic black henna tattoos


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You can do it yourself! No drawing talent needed. We have made it simple. Our black henna kit can make anyone a "do it yourself" professional henna tattoo artist. For less than the cost of one armband or tribal, you can get enough professional black henna to do dozens of beautiful temporary tattoos.


  • We are the only source for professional grade black henna that produces realistic super black henna tattoos.
  • Our black henna kit gives super jet black temporary tattoos that last up to three weeks and sometimes more.
  • Can you color? Can you stay within the lines? Then you can do this. There's ABSOLUTELY NO DRAWING ABILITY NECESSARY.
  • Get the product professionals henna artists use at fairs, festivals, beaches, concerts, and clubs.
  • You can learn to be a professional henna artist for fun and/or profit

Until now the kits available in stores and on the Internet were not what the professionals used (None of those kits contained the super black, high grade black henna that henna artists use). You've never been able to get this product from beauty supply houses or even from your local retail stores. It's just not available. In the past, professional henna artists have kept their sources a secret. BUT THE SECRET'S OUT!!! Our professional grade black henna is now being made available to you. You've found the source for true black henna. If you want what the professional henna artists are using at at fairs, beaches, malls, nightclubs, carnivals, arts and craft shows, concerts - THIS IS IT!!! - We can teach you all you need to know to become a "professional" henna tattoo artist.

  • Stop spending a fortune for black henna tattoos.
  • Don't pay the exorbitant prices that henna artists at malls and concerts are charging.
  • For less than twenty bucks you can do twenty to thirty black henna tattoos on yourself, your family, your friends or paying customers.

Don't be fooled by artists and kits that offer regular henna which turns a reddish brown in color. These products are usually hard to make and even harder to apply. Plus, most don't give you a color that shows up well on the skin or lasts very long. Even the black and colored pastes available in stores and on the Internet don't work well. None of them are really super black and none of them last up to three weeks.


Can you color? Can you stay within the lines? Our tracing system is truly "foolproof"- Anyone can do it!!!! You don't have to know how to draw. If you know a child who can color, even they could do it. With our tracing system, it's super easy:

  1. Find a design you like from our kit, the Internet, clip art programs, coloring books, comic strips, newspapers, magazines, etc.
  2. Place a piece of paper (regular paper, tracing paper, any paper) on top of the design and trace over it with our tracer.
  3. Simply cut the traced design out, wet the skin with alcohol, and press the design onto the skin like you would a press-on-tattoo.
  4. Voila, your image is there.
  5. Now, just fill it in with our black henna and you're done.

You've found the Only Company providing black henna that creates realistic jet black temporary tattoos.

Now you can purchase professional black henna that's easy to mix(just add bottled water) and even easier to apply. Our powder makes a smooth flowing paste that's fun to work with. Our bottle and metal tips are exactly the same as real henna artists use. You get all the supplies you need. Anyone and everyone can master our system. If you want to consistently do professional temporary tattoos, our black henna kit will teach you how.

Want to see what a tattoo would look like on your body? Try our super black henna. It's also great entertainment for parties, birthdays, sleepovers, picnics, vacations or just about anytime you want a super black, real looking tattoo. Fool your friends and family.

Make them think you got a real tattoo.

You Get:

  • Enough black henna to do dozens of tattoos
  • A tracing system that allows you to trace virtually any design and apply it to the skin, then fill with black henna
  • design pages(armbands, tribals, Chinese symbols, belly buttons, anklets, flowers, suns, animals,etc.)
  • professional reusable bottle with metal tip just like the henna artists use
  • detailed, easy to read and understand professional instructions,
  • plus - alcohol swabs, mixing cup and tool, gloves, cleaning tool, and more.

Everything you need to start creating professional looking tattoos. Only $19.95 + shipping and handling.

For U.S. Orders- You may pay by VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Money Order, Bank Check, or Personal Check.
For International Orders- You may pay by
VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, International Money Order, or Official Bank Check.



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